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Supported Data

The SBCTA GIS Department currently maintains a variety of data. The data maintained is largely dependent upon information contributed by local governments and transit operators within San Bernardino County and is therefore available to these organizations upon request free of charge.

Data is also available, on a limited basis, to the private sector depending upon availability of information and recovery of costs associated with staff time and materials.

SBCTA currently maintains the following sets of data:

  • Bicycle Plan
    The San Bernardino County bicycle plan is part of an overall non-motorized transportation plan. The plan includes existing, programmed and planned non-motorized projects.
    - See the Non-Motorized Transportation Plan
  • Collision Database
    Historical collision data (and CrossRoads Software) for the incorporated portions of San Bernardino County are available to local government staff by request only.
  • Congestion Management Program
    The CMP coverage shows the street network used for congestion mitigation purposes.
    - See the Congestion Management Plan
  • Expenditure Plan
    This set is a list of SBCTA's Comprehensive Transportation Plan projects with funding sources and amounts.
  • General Plan
    This data set includes a seamless general plan coverage for all of San Bernardino County.
  • Growth Forecasting
    SBCTA maintains growth forecasting data at the city and transportation analysis zone level. Categories include population, occupied households and employment.
  • Land Use
    Land use data depicts existing land use for the modeled portions of San Bernardino County according to Anderson's Land Use Designation Codes III/IV. Designations are determined via analysis of aerial photography, field checks and information from local agencies.
  • Regional Transportation Improvement Program
    The RTIP is the allocation of federal dollars for funded projects in San Bernardino County. SBCTA's data shows the location of these projects and is based on a regional "TranTrak" database.
  • State Route 215 
    Data for Segments from Orange Show Rd to SR 210.
  • Signal Synchronization
    A Traffic Signal System Plan for the San Bernardino Valley is available. Data includes an inventory of existing signals and interconnected locations, as well as the identification of potential corridors for signal synchronization.


Ginger Koblasz
GIS Administrator
  (909) 884-8276 
  (909) 885-4407