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Metrolink San Bernardino Line Double Track Project (Lilac to Rancho)

SBCTA is currently making progress to the Lilac to Rancho Double Track to a design level of 30% and obtaining all necessary state and federal environmental clearances. SBCTA is seeking additional grant funding to complete the design and construction of this project. The Lilac to Rancho Double Track project is critical to regional mobility and will enhance rail operations on Metrolink’s busiest commuter rail line by increasing average train speed, reducing travel times, and enhancing overall capacity of the Metrolink San Bernardino Line.

  • Project Features

    The Lilac to Rancho Double Track Project has the following features:

    • Approximately 3 mile of additional double track in the cities of Rialto and San Bernardino. 
    • Addition of a second passenger platform at the existing Metrolink Rialto Station with consideration for a pedestrian crossing.   
    • The evaluation of Station pedestrian access alternatives: overpass, underpass or at-grade.
    • A Quiet Zone Feasibility Study is being completed for ten at-grade crossings within and near the double track footprint. 
    • New railroad signals as well as Positive Train Control (PTC) considerations and required improvements.
    • Civil improvements including grading, drainage, and utilities.  Modifications to 8 at-grade crossings within the Project footprint to improve roadway profiles. 
  • Public Meetings


Justin Fornelli, PE
Chief of Transit & Rail Programs
  (909) 884-8276