Land Sales

Picture of empty plot of land with a board saying Available

SBCTA disposes of property that is designated as surplus through marketing and competitive bidding processes.  A minimum bid price is set and offers are entertained for a predetermined time. 

Excess Land Sales

Property AddressProperty Info (APN #)
22085 Newport Ave Grand Terrace, CA 923130275-211-59

Surplus Land Inventory

Property AddressProperty Info (APN #)
Citrus St, San Bernardino, CA 924040155-163-10
Citrus St, San Bernardino, CA 924040272-131-14
Sterling Ave, San Bernardino, CA 924040285-161-11
Arden Ave, San Bernardino, CA 924040285-162-12
Arden Ave, San Bernardino, CA 924040285-521-20
Highland, CA 923461191-341-25
Palm Ave, Highland, CA 923461191-341-26
Highland, CA 923461191-341-27
Orange St, Highland, CA 923461191-341-28
Palm Ave, San Bernardino, CA 923461200-191-03
Pacific St, Highland, CA 923461200-351-01
Etiwanda Ave, Etiwanda, CA 917390227-121-56

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