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Countywide Comprehensive Transportation Plan

San Bernardino County's transportation needs are influenced by many factors. Some are obvious, such as a growing population and changes in the locations of jobs, services, shopping, and recreation opportunities. Demographic and economic changes are less obvious but have a surprisingly strong effect on transportation choices and demand.

San Bernardino County has made tremendous progress on its transportation system over the last several decades to keep up with these changes. However, we know that improving the county's transportation system is expensive, and progress often seems painfully slow. Most major transportation projects take years to complete and must undergo an environmental review before design and construction begin. Because of this, both the state and federal governments require plans to identify a 20-year transportation program and how to pay for it. The official transportation plan for southern California is the Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy (RTP/SCS) prepared by the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG). The Countywide Transportation Plan (CTP) being developed by SBCTA is serving as San Bernardino County’s input to the RTP/SCS. Both plans have the same horizon year – 2040.

Analyses in the draft CTP shows that the long-term transportation needs of SanBernardino County exceed the traditional financial resources available. Solving this problem begins first with using our local, state, and federal resources as wisely as possible. This requires economizing and prioritizing wherever possible while also understanding the need to fund, build, and maintain the infrastructure that will keep San Bernardino County economically competitive and serve our growing population. The draft CTP highlights a number of challenging issues and policy choices that need to be considered as we move forward.

Goals and objectives, performance indicators, and alternative transportation scenarios have been defined and analyzed in the draft CTP. The plan is based on socioeconomic forecasts to the year 2040 developed in close coordination with local jurisdictions and SCAG. A base year (2012) network of streets and highways served as the starting point for analysis using SBCTA’s San Bernardino County Transportation Analysis Model (SBTAM). Two future (2040) scenarios were then analyzed: a “baseline” scenario that assumed the availability of traditional revenue sources and an “aggressive” scenario that assumed added revenue sources being defined in the SCAG RTP/SCS. A set of draft transportation strategies was developed by geographic area and program, as well as for functional areas such as air quality, goods movement, sustainability and active transportation.

Because this plan addresses a number of difficult issues, broad participation is essential to assist SBCTA and its partner agencies in charting a transportation future for San Bernardino County. The planning process relies on input from city and county governments, concerned citizens, businesses, air quality agencies, and transportation specialists.

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Director of Planning
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