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Check out the latest SBCTA Today to learn about how the I-10 Express Lanes project is bringing us one step closer to a new travel option in San Bernardino County and learn more about how to use the county’s first Express Lanes.

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I-10 Express Lane

SB Express Lanes – I-10 Express Lanes

I-10 Express Lanes will widen the existing I-10 freeway between the Los Angeles/San Bernardino County line and I-15, a distance of approximately 10 miles. The project includes two tolled express lanes in each direction.

SR 210 Lane Addition/Base Line Interchange

The SR 210 Lane Addition and Base Line Interchange projects are designed to provide improved traffic flow, eliminate existing bottleneck, provide lane continuity, and smooth road surface throughout this corridor.

I-10 Cedar Avenue Interchange

The San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (SBCTA), the County of San Bernardino, City of Fontana, and City of Rialto will improve Cedar Avenue between Bloomington Avenue and Orange Street in the unincorporated community of Bloomington. As a major north-south arterial that experiences high levels of traffic congestion resulting in low levels of service, the project is designed to relieve congestion, enhance safety, and improve traffic operations

North First Avenue Bridge

The San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (SBCTA), in cooperation with the City of Barstow and Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railroad, is leading the construction effort to replace the existing North First Avenue bridge over a BNSF railyard. The bridge was built around 1930 and during the Bridge Inspection Report prepared by Caltrans in April 2012, the bridge Sufficiency Rating (SR) was 3 out of 100.

Alabama Project

I-10/Alabama Street Interchange

SBCTA, the City of Redlands, and the County of San Bernardino are working on the I-10 at Alabama Street Interchange project. The project will reduce congestion, improve safety, and improve traffic operations along Alabama Street between Orange Tree Lane and Industrial Park Avenue, widen and reconstruct off-ramps by adding two lanes to each existing ramp, widen Alabama Street in both the southbound and northbound directions to accommodate turn pockets onto I-10, and provide Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant curb ramps, pedestrian push buttons and signals, and detectable warning surfaces at intersections where crosswalks are included.
Mt. Vernon Viaduct

Mt. Vernon Avenue Bridge

The Mount Vernon Avenue Bridge over the BNSF Intermodal Railway Yard in the City of San Bernardino is showing its age and is in need of improvement. In December 2020, the bridge closed to all traffic (pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular) between 2nd Street and 5th Street. Over the next three years, crews will disassemble and completely rebuild the bridge. Once complete, the new bridge will provide a reliable connection for westside San Bernardino communities.

SR-60 Central Ave

SR 60 Central Avenue

In an effort to improve traffic flow along Central Avenue and access to SR 60, SBCTA and the City of Chino, in cooperation with the Caltrans District 8, will widen the Central Avenue interchange at the SR 60 bridge to accommodate three through-lanes and double left-turn lanes in both directions and will widen the existing eastbound and westbound on-ramps to SR 60 from one lane to two through lanes and a carpool lane.

1-10 University Redlands

I-10 University Street

SBCTA and the City of Redlands, in coordination with Caltrans District 8, will widen the I-10 westbound on-ramp and I-10 eastbound off-ramp at University Street, as well as restripe University Street from Citrus Avenue to Central Avenue. The project is designed to relieve congestion, improve safety, and improve traffic flow as well as address the increased travel associated with existing and planned development in the City of Redlands.

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