Project Overview

SBCTA’s Interstate 10 Corridor Project is comprised of three phases of improvements to benefit the movement of both people and goods on this facility that is important to both San Bernardino County residents and to the local and national economy. The first phase, stretching 10 miles from the Los Angeles County line to I-15, is currently under construction. The second phase, stretching 11.1 miles from I-15 to Pepper Avenue in Colton, is in design and the final funding components are being sought to enable construction to begin in 2024. The third and final future phase of 12 miles will be from Pepper Avenue to Ford Street in Redlands.

For the Phase 1 project, a single new lane is being constructed and combined with the existing HOV lane to provide two tolled express lanes in each direction. The lanes will be available to HOV 3+ vehicles at a discount, In addition, lanes to assist drivers getting on and off the freeway (auxiliary lanes) are being constructed in selected locations.

Phase 1 Fact Sheets 


Phase 1 Bridge Map

Eighteen bridges throughout the corridor will either be replaced, widened, or improved to accommodate the widening of the freeway. Click here Interactive project map to learn more about the bridges.

Phase 1 – ALERTS

Temporary crossover lanes at westbound I-10 approaching Mountain Avenue

On Tuesday, July 19 the two left lanes of the westbound I-10 approaching Mountain Avenue were shifted towards the center median and entered into a crossover configuration. The two left lanes are separated from existing lanes by barriers and motorists do not have access to off-ramps. The far left lane remains in the crossover configuration until Indian Hill Boulevard with no access to the Central Avenue, Monte Vista Avenue, and Indian Hill Boulevard off-ramps. The second left lane remains in the crossover configuration until Monte Vista Avenue and the Central Avenue and Monte Vista Avenue off-ramps are not accessible. Please use caution when entering and exiting the crossover lanes, watch for merging traffic, and follow posted signage.



Westbound I-10 Access from Euclid Avenue

On Sunday, May 22 at 9:00 p.m., the westbound (WB) I-10 on-ramp from southbound (SB) Euclid Avenue closed. Motorists can access the WB I-10 loop on-ramp at Euclid Avenue via a new extended left-turn only lane approaching 8th Street to 7th Street – lanes are shifted to the west to create this new left-turn only lane. Alternatively, motorists can use 9th Street to Mountain Avenue to access the WB I-10 on-ramp at Mountain Avenue. Access to WB I-10 for motorists traveling northbound (NB) on Euclid Avenue will remain the same.

Please note, parking on SB Euclid Avenue from 8th Street to 7th Street will be prohibited. Driveways will remain accessible and there will be no changes to resident mail, deliveries, or trash services.

For more information, watch the Euclid Avenue Webinar – May 11, 2022.

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In Phase 2, single toll express lanes will be constructed (where there are currently no HOV lanes). Together, these express/managed lanes will open up a new opportunity to provide travel time incentives to transit, shared-ride vehicles, and zero-emission vehicles. Phase 2 will also construct three strategic eastbound (EB) auxiliary lanes and one westbound (WB) auxiliary lane to improve truck operations and safety, as shown in the graphic. The I-10/I-15 interchange is ranked the 9th most critical truck bottleneck in the U.S. by the American Transportation Research Institute, and these improvements will help to relieve congestion in the vicinity of that interchange.

Interstate 10 Corridor Contract 1 Project Final Approved EIR/EIS

Interstate 10 Corridor Project Record of Decision

Interstate 10 Corridor Project Final EIR/EIS Report

I-10 Corridor Final EIR-EIS Appendices

Draft Project Report - March 2016

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