Measure I Funding

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Measure I is the half-cent sales tax collected throughout San Bernardino County for transportation improvements. San Bernardino County voters first approved the measure in 1989 and in 2004 overwhelmingly approved the extension through 2040.

SBCTA administers Measure I revenue and is responsible for ensuring that funds are used in accordance with various plans and policies. Measure I funds are allocated based on the Measure I 2010-2040 Ordinance and Expenditure Plan and the Strategic Plan policies that define the framework for the programs and projects referenced in the measure. The 10-Year Delivery Plan outlines the near-term strategy.

The administration of Measure I is different between the Valley and the Mountain/Desert areas. The County was divided into six “subareas”  with distinct expenditure plans and policies. Additionally Measure I has a return-to-source provision so that revenue collected within a subarea can only be used in that subarea.

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Map of San Bernardino County Showing Subareas

Ordinance & Expenditure Plan

  • Ordinance 04-01 
    Ordinance of San Bernardino County Transportation Authority providing for the continuation of a one-half of one percent retail transaction and use tax for local transportation purposes and Transportation Expenditure Plan from 2010 to 2040.
  • Ordinance No. 90-1
    Ordinance of San Bernardino County Transportation Authority Amending Ordinance No. 89-1 
    Relating to Implementation of a Transaction and Use Tax
  • Ordinance No. 89-1 
    Ordinance of San Bernardino County Transportation Authority Transportation Expenditure Plan and Retail Transactions and Use Tax

Strategic Plan

The Measure I Strategic Plan policies may be modified as necessary by the Board of Directors. Each proposed amendment is thoroughly discussed by representatives of the local agencies at the Transportation Technical Advisory Committee (TTAC) before it is presented to the Board for their approval.

10-Year Delivery Plan

The 10-Year Delivery Plan serves multiple purposes:

  • It provides a transparent list of projects that will be developed during the next 10 years.
  • It defines the scope, schedule, and budget for listed projects based upon current information and assumptions.
  • It establishes a common understanding among members of the SBCTA board, staff, member agencies, and citizens of San Bernardino County.
  • It sets a baseline upon which future changes in revenue, costs, scopes and schedules are measured.
  • It enables SBCTA to meet the requirements of bond rating agencies for the future sale of bonds.
  • It provides the basis for the preparation of SBCTA’s annual budgets for capital projects.

Programs by Subarea

Valley Subarea

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Mountain/Desert Subareas

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Projects by Member Agencies

In addition to regional arterial, grade separation, and interchange projects contained in the 10-Year Delivery Plan, annually each member agency develops a Capital Improvement Plan which identifies individual projects to be completed using Measure I Local Streets Program funds. Here is a summary of the reports:

Policy on State and Federal Funds

The Measure I 2010-2040 Expenditure Plan requires that a proportional share of State and Federal funds be reserved for use within each subarea of the county. In February 2015 the SBCTA Board of Directors adopted Policy 40023 to define and document how proportional shares will be determined for each State and Federal fund over which the SBCTA Board has allocation authority and how shares will be tracked over time.

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