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Fund Administration and Programming

This department administers federal, state and Measure I revenue, maximizing transportation funding to San Bernardino County. The department also determines how best to use federal, state, and local funding to improve local and regional transportation systems and transit services as well as fulfilling the fund's procedural and eligibility requirements.

Looking for funding forms and downloads?

Check our Funding Resources for the Capital Improvement Program Packet, Reimbursement forms, SBCTA Reporting forms and more.

Fund Administration and Programming Contacts

Andrea Zureick
Director of Fund Administration & Programming

Philip Chu
Management Analyst III
Federal and State Fund Administration

James Mejia
Management Analyst II
Transportation Improvement Programs

Ellen Pollema
Management Analyst II
Measure I Administration

Eric Jacobsen
Chief of Fund Administration & Programming

Nancy Strickert
Management Analyst III
Transit Operators Support

Vanessa Jezik
Management Analyst III
Rail/State Transit Funding

Michele Fogerson
Management Analyst III
Funding Administration

Department Resources

  • Funding
    SBCTA provides our member agencies and transit operators with information and forms for administering funding:
    - Resources for Member Agencies
    - More funding information

  • 10-Year Delivery Plan
    SBCTA has adopted the 2017 Update to the 10-Year Delivery Plan to provide a transparent list of projects that will be developed during the next 10 years and to define the scope, schedule, and budget for these projects.
  • Other Agency Contacts
    SBCTA’s transportation fund administration and programming coordinates closely with other federal and state agencies.