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Short Range Transportation Plan (SRTP)

To help guide transit service improvements over the next five years, SBCTA developed a Short-Range Transit Plan. The plan establishes regional transit mobility goals and objectives and addresses regional transit needs. The SRTP identifies transit service plans and will help prioritize major capital improvement projects for the region’s transit needs.

SRTP Goals

The proposed SANBAG regional goals are:

  • Network Connectivity — Coordinate and integrate the transit services of the various transit operators throughout the County
  • Inter-Regional Transit Travel — Facilitate inter-regional transit travel between regions of the County as well as between San Bernardino County and other counties
  • Access for All — Seek cost-effective accessibility programs to improve mobility for seniors and persons with disabilities
  • Commuter Rail Service — Support continued development and enhancement of commuter rail service in San Bernardino County
  • Key Projects — Implement projects that will support the SRTP's goals, including:
    • Carpool and vanpool services, including expanded regional vanpool services
    • Downtown San Bernardino Passenger Rail Project
    • San Bernardino Transit Center
    • Redlands Passenger Rail Project

Monica Morales
Project Manager
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