2021 10-Year Delivery Plan Adopted

December 6, 2021

The SBCTA Board of Directors adopted the 2021 update to the Measure I 10-Year Delivery Plan at the December 1 Board of Directors meeting. The Board originally adopted the first Measure I 2010-2040 10-Year Delivery Plan in January 2012. The Delivery Plan provides a list of projects to be developed during a ten-year period and identifies project scopes, schedules, and budgets. Additionally, it enables SBCTA to meet the requirements of bond rating agencies for the future sale of bonds and provides the basis for the preparation of SBCTA’s annual budget for capital projects. The Delivery Plan is a living document that is updated every two years in order to capture revisions to the projects and assumptions, actual Measure I revenue figures, and relevant Board actions.

One of the key requirements of the Measure I Strategic Plan was the preparation of a 10-Year Delivery Plan for Measure I Programs. The Strategic Plan serves as the policy manual for the delivery of Measure I Programs by the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority and its member agencies for the 30-year life of the Measure. The Strategic Plan addresses significant policy, fiscal, and institutional issues associated with the administration and implementation of the Measure, including managing the different goals and priorities among the Valley, Victor Valley, and Rural Mountain/Desert Subareas of the County.

View the 10 Year Delivery Plan.

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