Transportation Management & Analysis

A variety of programs constitute SBCTA’s support of ongoing traffic and transportation system management. The Congestion Management Program (CMP) defines a network of state highways and arterials, level of service standards and related procedures, a process for mitigation of the impacts of new development on the transportation system and technical justification for the approach. Jurisdictions in the Valley and Victor Valley contribute to project funding through a Development Mitigation Program described in the CMP and accompanying documents.

In 1999, the SBCTA Board authorized the development of a strategic plan for interconnecting and coordinating traffic signals in the San Bernardino valley area across jurisdictional boundaries. SBCTA now works with local jurisdictions in supporting this signal synchronization program.

SBCTA also provides transportation modeling and analytical support for a wide array of activities. The San Bernardino Transportation Analysis Model (SBTAM) is maintained to support project development activities and transportation studies countywide. SBCTA maintains an Open Data Portal and Map Library for public access to a variety of mapping/analytical products, accessible through the GIS tab in the top-level menu on this website.

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