3rd Annual State of Transportation

November 8, 2021

On October 28, SBCTA hosted its 3rd Annual State of Transportation event. This annual event provided an overview of our capital programs on both the roadway and transit fronts, shared information about upcoming projects, announced the release of the 2021 iteration of the agency’s 10-Year Delivery Plan, and provided a six-month look-ahead for future construction/design bid opportunities. The panel highlighted that a big part of the agency’s success is because of Measure I and the funding it provides to deliver on the promises SBCTA has made to the voters of San Bernardino County.

New this year, the panel also focused its discussion on equity within the process of how projects are identified, funded, and procured; and why it is a major point of emphasis of the Board of Directors and staff. From trying to balance the accessibility of procurements, to ensuring that certain communities are not unfairly shouldering the burden of infrastructure choices, the panel discussed why equity must continue to be an important part of our daily mission and our outlook to the future.

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