Addressing Racism Added as an Element to the Countywide Vision

September 8, 2020
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As a key partner of the Countywide Vision, SBCOG together with San Bernardino County, have added an element to the Countywide Vision Plan that includes collaborating to address the effects, impacts, and prevention of racism.

In June, the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution affirming that racism is a public health crisis that results in disparities in family stability, health and mental wellness, education, employment, economic development, public safety, criminal justice and housing. Since the adoption of the Vision in 2011, working groups within many Vision elements have collaborated and worked toward new processes and programs in an effort to fulfill the promise of the Vision.

Adding the element of collaborating to address the effects, impacts, and prevention of racism to the vision, will ensure participation in the discussion by key stakeholders, such as the incorporated cities and towns, non-profit groups and non-governmental organizations. In addition, an Ad Hoc Committee will be created to examine policies and practices, through the lens of equity, currently within SBCTA and SBCOG and to work with staff to identify policies and practices that can be improved upon and to identify solutions.

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