Agencies join forces for Rialto flood protection project

March 25, 2015

The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, acting as the governing board of the County Flood Control District; San Bernardino Associated Governments; San Bernardino County Transportation Authority; Caltrans; and the City of Rialto have agreed to fund flood control improvements in the City of Rialto.
“We are pleased to be able to work with our partner agencies and move forward with an important project that will protect residents and businesses and allow our county to continue to grow and prosper,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman James Ramos.

The $26.2 million project will contain flood waters flowing into the Flood Control District’s five Cactus Basins. These include flood flows from Cactus Channel, which protects the 210 Freeway and other areas in the region. The project consists of improving Cactus Basins 3 and 4. These basins ultimately connect to the Rialto Channel.
“This continues to show how all of us as public agencies can partner and work together to build an even stronger community,” said L. Dennis Michael, President of SANBAG and the Transportation Authority.
The Flood Control District will design, build, and maintain the improvements. The target date for completion is October 2018.
“The City of Rialto hopes the agencies can continue to work well together to resolve additional improvements to the entire Cactus Basin-Rialto Channel flood control system which serves the City,” said Rialto Mayor Deborah Robertson.
The agreement provides for a combined total contribution of $16 million from Caltrans, SANBAG, the Transportation Authority, and the City of Rialto, with the remainder of the project cost paid for by the Flood Control District. At the completion of construction, the Flood Control District will take ownership and responsibility for the maintenance and repair of Cactus Channel.
The agreement completely resolves litigation pending in San Diego County Superior Court between the Flood Control District and the other parties.
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