Awarding of Construction Contract Clears the Way for State-of-the-Art Redlands Passenger Rail System

April 4, 2019

SAN BERNARDINO, CA – The highly anticipated Redlands Passenger Rail Project, which will bring state-of-the-art clean-air rail technology to one of the world’s busiest transportation corridors, took a major step forward this week with the awarding of a construction contract to Flatiron West Inc.

The $154 million contract represents a final clears the way for construction to begin on the advanced regional transportation project – a nine-mile rail connection from Redlands to the San Bernardino Metrolink line. Initial plans call for the use of low-emission diesel multiple-unit (DMU) trains that can eventually convert to battery operated zero-multiple unit (ZMUs) vehicles. Eventually, too, the new trains would be able to operate on Metrolink’s existing rail line all the way to Los Angeles’ Union Station.

“We believe the Redlands Passenger Rail System is the most exciting transit project in California, if not beyond. The ZMUs will be the first of their kind in North America, and will have the potential to transform how we design rail systems and address air quality concerns,” said Darcy McNaboe, President of SBCTA and Mayor of Grand Terrace.

“We’re thrilled to move the Redlands Passenger Rail one step closer to reality,” said Dr. Raymond Wolfe, Executive Director of SBCTA. “When finished, it not only will provide a critical link from Redlands to the San Bernardino Line, but will represent an important clean-air transit solution in one of the worst air-quality basins in the country.”


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