Barton Road Nighttime Lane Reductions and Ramp Closures

August 2, 2018

No Nighttime Lane Reductions are scheduled next week on I-215 between Mt. Vernon Avenue and Iowa Avenue. Freeway interruptions should remain at a minimum until the south side bridge false work is scheduled for removal in the Fall.
Update: Crews will require the full closure of Vivienda between Barton Road and McClaren Street to perform road structural work and final paving of the section of the road just north of Barton. This full closure of Vivienda will begin TONIGHT (8/2) at 9pm and remain completely closed until Tuesday (8/7) until 6 pm. Traffic is advised to use Canal Street located just east of Vivienda to enter and exit the community between Vivienda and Canal during this operation.
UPDATED Barton Road Construction Notice - Week of August 5 2018

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