Barton Road Nighttime Lane Reductions and Ramp Closures

October 4, 2019
Barton Rd Construction Update Banner

Nighttime Directional Freeway Closures Start Monday

Attention Motorists!

Beginning Monday, October 7th, and continuing through Thursday, October 10th, crews will be closing the southbound direction of Interstate 215 at Barton Road to allow the project team to remove the temporary support structure used to support the new bridge deck during construction and curing. Each night from 9pm to 5am, motorists traveling on southbound I-215 will be taken off at Barton Road and directed west to La Cadena Drive. From there they will head south on La Cadena to access the freeway at Iowa Avenue.

Please note that there is no vehicle access across the Barton Road bridge at the freeway during these nighttime closures. Plan ahead and add time to your commute.

Southbound I-215 Detour

  • Southbound drivers exit Barton Road (turn right)
  • Proceed west on Barton to La Cadena Drive (turn left)
  • Proceed south on La Cadena past Iowa Avenue (use SB 215 on ramp)

Look Ahead: Northbound I-215 will be closed at night from October 14 – 17.

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