California State Transportation Agency Tour

December 11, 2023

On Friday, SBCTA Staff conducted a tour and roundtable discussion with Mark Tollefson (Undersecretary California State Transportation Agency), Molly Wiltshire (Acting Director of External Affairs, Office of the Governor), and Carina Tamayo (Inland Empire Deputy Regional Director, External Affairs, Office of the Governor).

SBCTA staff took the opportunity to highlight both successes and challenges of the region in addressing the mobility needs of San Bernardino County residents. Having a birds-eye view of the logistics demand, coupled with the pathway for goods moving to and through our county, showcased the need for continued investment into the primary corridors that serve as economic generators for the region and the nation.

In addition, staff was able to illustrate the transit renaissance that is rising in the valley. Staff emphasized the effect of an airport that is one of the fastest growing in the country and another that is up and coming. These positive assets to the county, and Southern California as a whole, facilitated a discussion on ways to enhance transit for both commuters and recreational travelers alike.

All in all, the tour provided the Undersecretary with a unique visual perspective of the county’s tremendous growth and growth potential. It also shared the approach that the SBCTA Board has guided staff to use as a means to ensure our region maintains its economic vitality and quality of life.

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