Freeway Service Patrol Expands Number of Clean Air Vehicles in San Bernardino Fleet

January 13, 2016

San Bernardino County – The San Bernardino Associated Governments (SANBAG) announces the addition of three new clean air vehicles into the Freeway Service Patrol (FSP) program that serves commuters throughout the San Bernardino Valley. The FSP Program is part of an overall plan to improve transportation safety and mobility. In addition, FSP directly contributes to air quality improvements in the region by greatly reducing the impediments to efficient traffic flow along our regional freeway system.

Clean Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles used in the fleet are certified by the California Air Resources Board at the “near-zero” NOx emissions level. This level is 75% lower than typical heavy-duty engine emission standards. The mileage accrued to date for the current CNG FSP tow trucks equates to an additional reduction in ozone precursor NOx emissions of approximately 56 pounds. Expanding the fleet will more than double that effort toward the reduction of emissions in San Bernardino County.
“Finding innovative solutions to the challenges we face is part of our mission to provide excellent transportation services for the commuters of our county,” SANBAG President Ryan McEachron said. “Enhancing this service to increase the number of clean air vehicles will go a long way towards our ability to minimize the effects on air quality for generations to come.”
FSP operates along Interstate 10, Interstate 15, Interstate 215 and State Route 60 during peak commute hours to assist stranded motorists by helping them get their vehciles started or towing them off the freeway to a safe location. During the 10-year existence of the program, FSP drivers have assisted on more than 340,000 service calls that range from vehicles that run out of gas to assisting those with flat tires.
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