Improved Traffic Flow in City of Big Bear Lake

November 9, 2020

Traffic could flow a little easier in the City of Big Bear Lake. SBCTA approved a cooperative agreement with the City of Big Bear Lake and the County of San Bernardino for the funding, design, right-of-way and construction of the Stanfield Cutoff Roundabout.

In 2017, the SBCTA Board of Directors adopted the Mountain Area Transportation Study (MATS). The MATS identified mobility issues, solutions, and an implementation plan to resolve some of the unique transportation related challenges mountain communities face. The intersection of North Shore Drive and Stanfield Cutoff was identified as low performing with a high potential for poor performance as resident and visitor populations increase. The intersection is very heavily traveled and straddles North Shore Drive, State Route 38 and the Stanfield Cutoff.

Per the cooperative agreement, SBCTA will work with the City and County to secure funding, in addition to funds already transferred to the project by SBCTA. The County will lead the project, handling environmental clearance, design, permitting and construction. The City will work closely with the other partners to help deliver the project and provide ongoing maintenance of landscaping, signs and aesthetic features. The Stanfield Cutoff project is anticipated to complete before the end of 2025.

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