Improved Transportation Services for All Trona Residents

September 4, 2019
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The Victor Valley Transit Authority (VVTA) Board recently approved funding which will allow the Trona Community Senior Center (TCSC) to provide one day a week transportation service between Trona and Ridgecrest. This service will be available to all residents of the Trona community.

Additionally, this funding will allow for the TCSC to provide local dial-a-ride/demand response transportation to the general public. Previously, TCSC provided transportation services only to seniors and the disabled. TCSC typically uses volunteer drivers operating VVTA donated vehicles to provide its transportation services.

This action is in response to the increased transportation needs of the Trona community which experienced two damaging earthquakes in early July.

In immediate response to those earthquakes in July, VVTA temporarily provided daily round-trip service between Trona and Ridgecrest to assist all Trona residents with access to clean water, showers, food, and cooling centers.

This new regularly scheduled bus/van service between Trona and Ridgecrest will provide residents access to fresh groceries, shopping, healthcare, and recreation in the neighboring City of Ridgecrest.

The newly expanded service will begin as a six-month trial to determine the level of participation among Trona residents.

“The increase in service will support the residents of Trona in their ongoing recovery from the recent earthquakes, giving them greater access to vital services as well as improve their quality of life.” said San Bernardino County First District Supervisor, Robert Lovingood.

To further expand transportation horizons for Trona residents, VVTA will soon introduce a very low- cost car share program available to Trona residents who register for the service.

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