New Year Brings Reminder to Slow Down

January 5, 2022

With the holiday season behind us and a bright, new year ahead, SBCTA is here with a reminder to slow down, minimize your distractions and be aware of changing road conditions on local streets and freeways.

SBCTA and its local partners are working on improving your commute through several active construction projects in the county, such as the I-10 Express Lanes Project, the SR 60/Central Avenue Project and the SR 210/Lane Addition and Base Line Interchange Improvement Project.


  • Speed limits are reduced to 55 miles per hour within construction zones for your safety and the safety of crews working hard to improve your drive.
  • Orange colored signs and flashing white or amber lights are used to alert drivers of possible changes in road conditions, such as shifting lanes, road closures and construction vehicles entering and exiting the site. Signs and notifications are reminders to slow down and proceed with caution.
  • Pay attention to the one thing you are doing – driving.

During the December 2021 webinar for the I-10 Express Lanes project, California Highway Patrol (CHP) Officer Stephen Rawls shared, “It’s important to obey all posted roadway signs and do not drive distracted; CHP and the Freeway Service Patrol are here for you and regularly monitor construction zones for anyone who may become disabled in travel lanes.” Office Rawls also recently highlighted changes to the state’s traffic safety laws, click here to read more.

To navigate the daily changes on your local roads and freeways, you can use SBCTA’s live project-specific Google Maps to be in the know before you go with closures, detours and updates. Sign up for construction alerts and bookmark or download your project-specific Google Map today at

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