Omnitrans’ 10 Reasons to Take Advantage of Free Fares to School

August 9, 2021

Omnitrans is excited to help local youth get back to school with Free Fares for School starting August 1, 2021, through February 6, 2022. We have been slowly returning to life outside the house and free fares is an exciting way to get back to school in person and see/hug/hang out with our friends – face-to-face!

Although K-12 students will be able to get to school for free, the program also guarantees free rides after school and on weekends! Here are 10 reasons why you should take advantage of the program:

  • No more asking your parents for a ride – If you are in our local transit area and have your valid student ID with provided sticker from your school, you have unlimited rides available on Omnitrans.
  • Riding the bus is easy – Just download the Transit app and get step-by-step directions to the nearest bus stop to your destination.
  • Buses are clean – We are doing our part to make sure our buses are clean and safe. Hand sanitizer is available to riders onboard, and each bus is disinfected daily.
  • Check out your favorite coffee shops – Form a fun study group and get with your besties to study for your exams at a local coffee shop.
  • Get out and be active – Get out and exercise! You can bring your bike on the bus and ride to a local trail with friends.
  • Shop till you drop – Go to your local shopping mall and catch up on the latest styles and trends.
  • Watch a movie – Go see the latest movies in theaters. (Tip: Many theaters offer discounts on showings to student with school ID!)
  • After school activities – Sometimes your theater auditions run late, or football practice is extended. Grab a ride home from Omnitrans.
  • Fun weekend events – Is there a fun gathering at the local bowling alley you want to attend, but do not have a ride? The Transit app tells you how to get there with Omnitrans!
  • Connect with your community – What greater way to get in touch with your community than riding with fellow commuters like yourself and learning about all your city has to offer? Get out there and make new memories!

Tag @omnitrans in your daily commutes and you just might be featured on our social media pages! Like always, remember to stay safe, sanitize your hands regularly, and wear your mask while on the bus. Be sure to notify your parent or guardian before planning your bus trip, and always use the free Transit app to plan your bus ride and track your bus.

Learn more about the Free Fares for School program.

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