The SR 210 Lane Addition/Base Line Interchange project, designed to provide increased traffic flow throughout this corridor, will be built as one project. To eliminate the existing bottleneck and provide lane continuity, the SR 210 will be widened from Sterling Avenue to San Bernardino Avenue in the cities of San Bernardino, Highland, and Redlands, as well as an unincorporated portion of San Bernardino County. Base Line Interchange will also be widened from Buckeye Street to Seine Avenue in the City of Highland.

The SR 210 Lane Addition and Base Line Interchange Project is entering its final months of construction. Crews have striped the SR 210 lanes to their final configuration between Del Rosa Avenue and the I-10 freeway, adding one mixed-flow lane in each direction between Highland Avenue and San Bernardino Avenue, auxiliary lanes (merge lanes) between Base Line and 5th Street/Greenspot Road, and an acceleration lane at the 5th Street/Greenspot Road eastbound ramp.

Intermittent nighttime closures are expected to continue through September as crews complete clean-up work throughout the project corridor. All work is anticipated to be completed by the end of September.


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