Release of Construction Management RFP Approved by Board

May 11, 2020

The I-10 Cedar Avenue Interchange is the highest priority in the Measure I 2010-2040 Freeway Interchange Program. Cedar Avenue is a north–south arterial in the unincorporated community of Bloomington and forms a tight diamond interchange with the I-10. This location has been experiencing high levels of traffic congestion resulting in low levels of service. This prompted the County of San Bernardino (County) to proceed with obtaining environmental clearance for the Project, which was completed in July 2013.

On Wednesday, May 6th, the SBCTA Board of Directors approved the release of a Request for Proposals for Construction Management Services. Currently, the design package is 65% complete and the total estimated construction capital cost is $77.2 million. Ninety-five percent of the design package is scheduled to be completed later this year.

In preparation for completion of the design package, a construction management team will then perform a constructability review to minimize errors, conflicts, and omissions within the contract documents. After the documents are completed the construction management firm assists SBCTA staff in preparing an advertisement package for bidding purposes.

Once the SBCTA Board awards a construction contract for the project, this construction management firm shall support SBCTA in managing the construction contractor’s scope, cost, and schedule under the supervision of an appointed SBCTA staff member.

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