San Bernardino County's Vision2Succeed Initiative: My 1st Job Challenge

March 28, 2019

San Bernardino County’s Vision2Succeed initiative is a campaign designed to strengthen the career skills of our local workforce by connecting county residents to opportunities that enhance their qualifications to support existing employers and attract new employers to San Bernardino County. For some, these new opportunities may be the gateway to a productive, thriving career.
Through experience, we know our first job can be one of the most important jobs we’ll ever have. It teaches us responsibility, leadership and teamwork, among other valuable skills that we need for our future. The County’s #My1stJob challenge is part of the #Vision2Succeed initiative to illustrate that we all have our life stories and that our first job offered the skills we lean on to prosper in the 21st century economy.
What was your first job?
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City of Fontana entered the #Vision2Succeed #My1stJob challenge
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