SBCOG Board Approves Increase in SBCOG’s Capacity, Budget

May 30, 2024

On January 3, the SBCOG Board of Directors approved an increase in SBCOG’s work capacity, including adding staff and increasing the budget.  With the adoption of Amendment No. 4 of the Joint Powers Authority (JPA) by all 25 member agencies, SBCOG’s budget will increase through member dues by adjusting the cost to each agency based on a 50% split between population and their General Fund Tax Revenues.

Since August 2023, the Council of Governments Ad Hoc Committee (Ad Hoc) has met regularly to provide staff with direction for SBCOG’s priorities and potential additional services that could be offered. The Ad Hoc meetings were comprised of presentations from other councils of governments in the region, options for increased SBCOG services and SBCOG budget, and allocation of costs to the SBCOG member jurisdictions. Through the direction of the Ad Hoc, SBCOG was able to bring forward a recommendation to the Board during the January Board of Directors meeting to increase SBCOG’s capacity.

With increased revenue, SBCOG will update the SBCOG Work Plan to determine the priorities and issues of the member agencies and identify next steps for addressing them. SBCOG will be able to offer greater assistance to jurisdictions across San Bernardino County in the form of grant funding, grant assistance, and program development.  Staff will be working through an Ad Hoc of both the Board of Directors and the CCMTAC to accomplish the SBCOG Work Plan update by November of 2024.


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