SBCTA Adds New Department to Organization

December 9, 2019

SBCTA will see a reorganization of some agency operations in the coming months. The Board of Directors approved a staff proposal at their December 4th meeting to create a new Director level position and department at SBCTA. The new Director of Special Projects and Strategic Initiatives will oversee some critical short and long-term projects that will streamline systems and processes to improve the efficiency of the organization’s operations.

The most pressing project will be overseeing the transit consolidation study over the next several months. The Board of Directors recently directed staff to study the possibility of consolidating transit operations in the San Bernardino Valley, currently overseen by Omnitrans, with SBCTA. If a consolidation is ultimately pursued, the new Director will oversee implementation of that process as well.

The new Director will also be instrumental in the replacement of the current financial accounting system with a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The current system technology is over 20 years old and the vendor will be phasing out the system in the coming years. The process of procuring and implementing a new ERP system is time intensive and the Director will be responsible for ensuring the new system meets the unique needs of a public transportation agency.

Additionally, the new Director will assume supervision of the SBCTA Risk Manager immediately and ultimately, once the consolidation study is concluded, move the Procurement Division over to the new department as well.

SBCTA Executive Director, Dr. Ray Wolfe, will announce appointment of the new Director in the coming weeks.

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