SBCTA Board Recognizes the Achievements of Immediate Past President Darcy McNaboe

December 7, 2020

As many of our readers can attest, the impact of the pandemic on operations has been seen in various ways. As a transportation agency focused on the movement of people and goods to and through our county, SBCTA has continued its commitment to the voters to deliver on critical transportation projects, even during these unusual times.

Annually, the SBCTA Board of Directors votes one of its members to serve in a leadership role as President of the Board. One of the long-standing traditions is a formal passing of the gavel from the outgoing president to the incoming one. However, since no public gatherings have taken place since March and the Board has only convened virtually since that time, this time-honored tradition had not taken place.

Fiscal Year 2020-2021 SBCTA President Frank J. Navarro (Colton Mayor), however, did not want the accomplishments of his predecessor, Grand Terrace Mayor Darcy McNaboe, to go unrecognized. Therefore, a tribute to her tenure was captured in video and shared at the December Board of Directors Meeting. Click on the video link above to view this tribute to the outstanding efforts of Immediate Past President McNaboe.

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