SBCTA Continues Public Outreach Efforts for Project and Programs

January 9, 2024

The SBCTA Board of Directors awarded a four-year Public Outreach Contract to the Costin Public Outreach Group, Inc. (CPOG) at their January Board of Directors Meeting. SBCTA prides itself on providing timely, accurate information about its projects and programs so that residents and commuters of San Bernardino County can make informed decisions about their daily lives. This contract will continue to expand that outreach approach for the array of SBCTA freeway, interchange, transit, and bridge projects throughout the region.

CPOG has supported SBCTA in building its reputation and brand recognition that is consistent and meets individual project needs. CPOG’s institutional knowledge and familiarity with SBCTA’s procedures, protocols, criteria, and standards allows them to deliver on quick turnaround needs of the agency.

In its first four years, CPOG supported more than 25 projects for the agency; facilitated four B2B/State of Transportation events, three City County Conferences, five project groundbreakings, and more than 100 public hearings, community meetings, open houses and virtual meetings. They created more than 30 videos for SBCTA Today with close to one million impressions; knocked on more than 500,000 doors to deliver project- and construction-specific information; grew the agency’s social media following by four times on Facebook and twelve times on Instagram; and won a dozen industry awards on our behalf for public outreach.

One of the primary aspects of these relationships is the establishment of the wide array of communication channels associated with each and every project. Perhaps most notably is the weekly construction alerts, but features like the real-time project status maps and real-time text alert system round out a comprehensive approach to keeping those interested informed of project details.

To learn more about how you can register for project information, visit and sign up today.

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