SBCTA Featured as One of the Four Communities that Prioritize Transit-Walkability Collaboration

March 8, 2019

Through the nonprofit national organization, America Walks, SBCTA was featured as one of four communities that prioritize Transit-Walkability Collaboration. In their series of Transit-Walkability case studies, they take deep look inside the interactive work being done by both public transit and active transportation organizations to improve safety, walkability, and access to transit.
Integrating walkability and public transit in our communities helps create safe, affordable, and enjoyable neighborhoods, whose residents complete their daily activities while owning fewer vehicles and driving less often. These communities experience significant public and private-sector cost savings, lower rates of traffic fatalities, reduced air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, higher levels of physical activity, and a better quality of life – especially for low-income families. America Walks recognizes these stories as shining models for inspiring community change and connectivity to bolster active transportation, while promoting a healthier, vibrant streetscape through their various collaborative projects.
Thank you America Walks for featuring SBCTA in your series of case studies.
To view the article on the Four Communities That Prioritize Transit-Walkability Collaboration, click here.

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