SBCTA Projects Moving Toward Construction

March 8, 2019

SBCTA delivers projects. That will become increasingly visible as some major efforts are closing in on the start of construction.
In the High Desert, the much-anticipated widening of a portion of US 395 between Victorville and Adelanto is scheduled to begin the early stages of construction this April. The project that will widen the highway to four lanes, two in each direction between State Route 18 (Victorville) and Chamberlaine Way (Adelanto), is the first of three phases identified between Hesperia and Kramer’s Junction. Other improvements include turn pockets and signals at key intersections. Travelers along that portion of the highway can expect to see the shoulder constructed first to allow for a shift of traffic before being able to complete the full widening. Construction is anticipated to last approximately two years.
The Redlands Passenger Rail Project will construct nine miles of new passenger transit service between the San Bernardino Transit Center in downtown San Bernardino and the University of Redlands. The SBCTA Board is scheduled to take action on the award of a construction contract in April of this year. The new service, using the name Arrow and operated by long-time San Bernardino Valley transit provider Omnitrans, will introduce new vehicles that are cleaner, quieter, and cheaper to operate than the traditional locomotive hauled coaches seen on other commuter rail lines. Known as Diesel Multiple Units, the vehicles are a hybrid rail technology that uses the cleanest diesel technology available to power the motors that convert to electricity to turn the wheels of these passenger-friendly cars. If approved in April, construction could begin as early as the start of summer and is expected to continue through the summer of 2021. Testing and other safety reviews will be conducted at that point in anticipation of public service in the latter part of the year.
As traffic continues to increase on Interstate 10, the Design-Build team is performing some of the early stage work in preparation for an extensive construction effort in the west valley of San Bernardino County.  Hard work, coordination with the funding agencies, and a goal to improve driving options on the heaviest used corridor in the county, serves as an outstanding foundation for this highly visible project. The I-10 Corridor Project (Contract 1) looks to add two Express Lanes between the Los Angeles County Line and Interstate 15, running through the cities Montclair, Upland, and Ontario.  In addition, multiple bridge and other interchange improvements, as well as rehabilitating some of the existing pavement on this nearly 60-year old freeway, will require a major staging plan and cooperation among local officials, commuters, the trucking industry, and others to help manage through the construction period.  An extensive public outreach effort will be underway to help share all the information needed to drive to and through the corridor during this operation. Construction is scheduled to continue through 2023.
In San Bernardino, the Mt. Vernon Bridge over the Burlington Northern Santa Fe rail yard is more than 80 years old and has been the target for an upgrade for a number of years. The City of San Bernardino has solicited the support of SBCTA to help deliver this major transportation improvement on the west end of the Central San Bernardino. SBCTA Major Project staff is working toward the advertising for bids for a Design-Build contractor to finalize design efforts and demolish and construct the new bridge. The bridge serves as key connector between north and south San Bernardino, including pedestrians seeking access to retail and educational opportunities. Right-of-way activities are ongoing and the construction process is targeted to begin in 2020 when we will see this long-time transportation feature brought down to make room for the new bridge. Lots of work has gone into the requirements of design to incorporate many of the same features of the old bridge to maintain the historical look and feel of this city landmark.  Reconstruction of the bridge could take up to three years. Detours and other elements will be incorporated to keep providing access to both sides of the community.
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