Testing on Interstate 10 Express Lanes is a ‘Sign’ that Opening is Soon

April 11, 2024

Attention I-10 Drivers! The SB Express Lanes on I-10 are scheduled to open this summer.

While construction continues on freeway barriers, bridges, on- and off-ramps, and local streets, crews will begin testing the electronic message boards used to display Express Lanes information. Testing will include uncovering the signs and sending electronic messages to the boards to verify signals are received and characters are properly displayed.  During the testing phases messages will intentionally contain random letters and numbers so that the motoring public does not misinterpret the messaging as an indicator the lanes are open for use.

Sign messaging is just the initial phase of the testing process. Next steps will include camera and monitor testing, as well as using test vehicles to validate detection mechanisms.  Overall, the testing will occur intermittently for several weeks.

Once the mainline work is complete and testing is approved, the new Express Lanes will open to the public.  Construction in other areas off the mainline will continue to complete the project.  Motorists should remain cautious when traveling through work zones on local streets, ramps, and near shoulders.  Continue to drive defensively through the corridor as the configuration will be new for both the Interstate 10 Express Lanes and general purpose lanes users.


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