Transit Recovery Results in Metrolink Service Restoration

November 8, 2021

The extended effects of the pandemic resulted in an unprecedented decline in Metrolink ridership and drastic impacts on the local economy. In response to the lower demand, the Southern California Regional Rail Authority (SCRRA) initially reduced service by 30% and later optimized train schedules to better reflect new travel patterns. This included the temporary suspension of several lower ridership trains, while some trains that had been suspended in March were added back to better serve those transit riders still looking for the travel alternative.

The reinstatement of mask mandates in Los Angeles County on July 17, 2021 contributed to some rebound in ridership growth, although the rate of growth has been slowing. Total ridership in August 2021 reached 303,020 boardings, up 6% from July 2021. This reflects a 29% recovery of pre-pandemic ridership levels, which is anticipated to continue to increase as the vaccine becomes more widely available, students return to in-person classrooms, and workers return to the office.

At the November SBCTA Board of Directors meeting, staff highlighted a Metrolink developed option to restore service by 21%. The proposed service restoration includes the reinstatement of trains across all six lines. Service restoration can be summarized as follows:

  • Ventura County Line
    • Restores a peak period round trip between East Ventura and Los Angeles Union Station (LAUS), trains 106 and 123. This is in addition to the four Amtrak code share trains available to all Metrolink customers added October 25th.
  • Antelope Valley Line
    • Restores a peak period round trip between LAUS and Lancaster, trains 206 and 225, and two LAUS to Via Princessa round trips, trains 205, 210, 219 and 224.
  • San Bernardino Line
    • Restores off peak and late night trains 308, 327, 337, 338, 339 and 340, as well as balances weekend service to the same number of roundtrips both days.
  • Riverside Line
    • Restores one peak and one off-peak round trip between LAUS and Riverside trains 402,404, 405 and 411.
  • Orange County Line
    • Restores a reverse peak round trip between LAUS and Laguna Niguel, trains 682 and 687.
  • Perris Valley Line
    • Restores a reverse peak round trip between LAUS and South Perris, trains 702 and 709.

Metrolink has been leading the efforts to a clean and safe rider experience. As roadways are already back to pre-pandemic levels, the rail and bus transit options become even more critical as the agency looks to distribute the demand for better movement of goods and people. Visit to see train schedules that meet your needs.

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