Twentynine Palms Renames Portion of Yucca Avenue to Freedom Way

November 8, 2021

The City of Twentynine Palms is actively involved in an effort to build a community center and affordable housing, along with needed public infrastructure and parking improvements, in its downtown area. As part of the redevelopment, the City supported a contest open to residents on renaming a portion of Yucca Avenue. After entries were reviewed and judges deliberated, this downtown portion of the street between SR 62 and Cactus Avenue will now proudly be known as Freedom Way.

Twentynine Palms has long served as the home away from home for many Marines who have trained at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center. A connection to their service and the role that Twentynine Palms plays in their preparation makes Freedom Way a natural fit for this local road in heart of the city. In addition to Freedom Way, the contest also renames the downtown plaza to Freedom Plaza.

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