Virtual Meetings on Schedule for SBCTA Board and Committee Meetings

April 6, 2020

Moments like this reveal things that unfortunately go relatively unnoticed during our ‘normal’ lives. As a ‘critical sector’ during this Covid-19 crisis, the transportation community is showing its true value throughout the country as we continue to provide essential transit options, deliver major infrastructure improvements, and develop the next generation of transportation platforms that keeps America moving forward.

Therefore, out of a sense of responsibility to each other, our friends and family, our neighbors, and our colleagues across the county, SBCTA is conducting all public meetings using the virtual tool, Zoom.  Designed as a video/phone conferencing tool to connect people from different locations, Zoom offers the agency an opportunity to continue to conduct its business while still giving the public the opportunity to watch, participate, and engage in the process. Board and Committee meeting agendas are posted on the agency website in advance of the gathering.  Links are provided to allow for access to the meeting. 

The meetings are hosted by the chairperson and protocols for interaction are shared at the onset of the meeting.  Voting in a typical Board or Committee meeting is handled electronically using current technologies available to the members on the day of the meeting.  In the virtual meetings, each member is called upon to cast their vote verbally. The public is also given the opportunity to speak on items related to the body, as well, still adhering to the standard 3-minute comment policy established by SBCTA.

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