Why all of the train horns?

October 11, 2022



Arrow is close to revenue service and crews are in the final stages of train testing, crew training, and simulated service. Throughout testing, in compliance with FRA regulations, crews need to sound the horns (two long, one short, one long) and bells at street crossings throughout the corridor. Please know this is temporary and not permanent.

When the Redlands Passenger Rail Project was developed, SBCTA worked closely with the community to identify certain needs, one of those being quiet zones along the corridor.

Quiet zones are when the locomotive engineer operating the train does not need to sound the train horn unless there is an emergency. There are three steps we must accomplish to achieve the quiet zone level:

  1. Construction of various features including extended medians, enhanced gates, and improved striping on the roads.
  2. The cities of San Bernardino and Redlands apply with the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) for the implementation of quiet zones.
  3. The final stage – approval from the FRA. WE ARE HERE!

Once the FRA approves the quiet zones, the routine sounding of the train horns will no longer be required and the use of the horn will be at the discretion of the engineer and limited to safety situations that require an alert.

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