Widening, Rehabilitation of State Route 210 and Base Line Interchange Nearing Construction

May 2, 2019

The Board of Directors authorized the advertisement for an Invitation for Bids for the construction of the State Route (SR) 210 Lane Addition, Pavement Rehabilitation, and Base Line Interchange project contingent upon the funding allocation from the California Transportation Commission.

This highly anticipated project includes three work components which have been combined into one construction package as all three are roughly within the same limits and have similar schedules. The SR 210 Lane Addition work proposes to improve SR 210 within the cities of Highland, Redlands, San Bernardino and unincorporated sections of San Bernardino County, with the addition of one mixed-flow lane in each direction within the median of SR 210, generally between Highland Avenue in the City of San Bernardino and San Bernardino Avenue in the City of Redlands.

The SR 210 Base Line Interchange project, in the City of Highland, includes widening of the Base Line over-crossing at the SR 210 along with additional ramp widening improvements for the northbound on-ramp, northbound off-ramp and southbound on-ramps.

During project development for those two components, Caltrans identified a pavement rehabilitation opportunity as a project to be combined with the SR 210 Lane Addition Project.  Subsequently, there was potential funding from the State Highway Operations and Protection Program and Senate Bill 1 available for this work.  San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (SBCTA) and Caltrans jointly developed cost estimates and Caltrans agreed to fully fund the Rehab Project.

Once the bids are received and an apparent low bidder is identified, SBCTA anticipates that the award of the contract will occur by September of this year.  The selected firm will then have 55 days to submit all the required plans, documents, and other administrative elements to begin construction.  Crews should mobilize before the end of the year to start construction on this approximately 3 ½-year project. 

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