FRA Approves Arrow Quiet Zone Pending 21-Day Notice

November 7, 2022

The long-anticipated start of Arrow (a nine-mile extension of Metrolink service along the San Bernardino Line that connects Redlands to the San Bernardino Transit Center via Tier 4 Diesel Multiple Units) launched on October 24th.

The effort to establish this new service was developed, designed and constructed to include Quiet Zones throughout the nine-mile corridor. Quiet Zones are rail corridors that have gone through various levels of enhancements to remove the routine sounding of warning horns by the engineers of the train. While engineers retain the responsibility to use the warning devices when warranted, the removal of the routine sounding of the horns offers a quality of life benefit for those who live and work near the rail line.

In February 2022, the Redlands Passenger Rail Project team, in coordination with the cities of Redlands and San Bernardino, submitted the application for the Quiet Zones to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) for final approval. Unfortunately, as a result of some unanticipated administrative delays at the federal agency, the approval was not granted in time for the start of service. Subsequently, service began with the routine sounding of horns at the at-grade street and pedestrian crossings.

Late last week, however, FRA staff informed SBCTA of the approval of the Arrow service Quiet Zones. Approval will be officially contingent upon the completion of a legally mandated 21-day noticing period allowing other railroad stakeholders to comment on the removal of the routine sounding of horns at crossings along the corridor. Per federal law, the notice to establish the Quiet Zone was mailed after receiving approval from the FRA.

Completion of the 21-day noticing period is anticipated for Thanksgiving weekend. While we appreciate that still means some additional days of warning horns at crossings, we are encouraged that we can see the end of that operation is in sight. If you have any questions, please contact us at or visit our website, to sign up to receive our email updates.

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