Public Transit – Human Service Transportation Coordination Plan for San Bernardino County

SBCTA Coordinated Transportation Plan Fact Sheet

Project Purposes

  • Explore the mobility needs of target populations.
  • Identify mobility gaps–new and continuing–in San Bernardino County.
  • Identify and promote partnerships and new service opportunities to address these gaps.

Plan Outcomes

  • Support funding eligibility for several grant programs. Inclusion of strategies in Coordinated Plan is required for two key funding sources:
    • FTA Section 5310- Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities
    • Omnitrans San Bernardino Valley Measure I Regional Mobility Partnership Proggram (RMP) Call for Projects (Funding for transportation needs of older adults and persons with disabilities.)
    • It can support the rationale for requests to other grant programs.
  • Identify projects to improve and enhance public transit and specialized transportation.
  • Identify alternative modes and creative opportunities to improve consumers’ mobility.
  • Propose partnerships to leverage funds and build new mobility solutions.
  • Inform San Bernardino County’s public transit operators of mobility needs and gaps to consider in their short and long-range planning.
  • Inform SBCTA of regional mobility concerns to help shape funding priorities.


Federal legislation requires the preparation of a locally developed plan that establishes a “unified comprehensive strategy for public transportation service delivery” through a coordinated planning process. This Coordinated plan must be updated every four years. This plan will guide the period 2021 through 2025.

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