SBCTA in cooperation with Caltrans, is proposing to extend the eastbound (EB) truck climbing lane (TCL) on Interstate 10 (I-10) from the existing EB off-ramp at Live Oak Canyon Road located in the City of Yucaipa, San Bernardino County, California to just east of the existing County Line Road EB off-ramp at the Riverside County line (Project) in the City of Calimesa. The extension of the existing TCL for approximately an additional 3-miles, which includes steep uphill portions, would improve operations on the interstate by separating trucks and other slow moving vehicles from faster moving passenger vehicles. This Project would also reduce the frequency of truck-related accidents.The Final Environmental Document (FED) was released in November 2020 and Final Design was completed in 2022. The project is anticipated to begin construction in March 2024.

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