ONTLoop | Rail to Air Tunnel Connection


Ontario International Airport (ONT), located in the heart of the San Bernardino Valley, has been the fastest growing commercial airport in the U.S and has returned to pre-pandemic passenger levels of 5.6 million annual passengers (MAP). Passenger volume is projected to grow to 15-30 MAP by 2040. SBCTA has partnered with ONT to develop transit solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s passengers while ensuring the neighboring communities experience reduced congestion throughout the region.

Introducing the innovative approach of tunneling to create a subsurface transit connection between the Rancho Cucamonga Metrolink station (Cucamonga Station) and ONT terminals leads the way to a better intermodal environment.  The Cucamonga Station is the closest to ONT on the San Bernardino Line and has consistently represented one of the higher number of boardings in the Metrolink system. Merging the ONTLoop with the planned privately-funded Brightline West electrified high-speed rail connection between Las Vegas and Cucamonga Station, as well as the zero-emission West Valley Connector bus rapid transit service coming in the near future, sets the foundation for a major transportation hub in the IE.

Operated and maintained by Omnitrans, the tunnel will feature a bi-directional system where passengers traveling to and from ONT will be transported in autonomous, zero-emission vehicles on an “on-demand” basis, and developed under FTA Fixed Guideway requirements.

Most passengers departing from and arriving at ONT use Interstate 10, which parallels the Metrolink San Bernardino Line from downtown Los Angeles to San Bernardino.  Interstate 10 is currently the most used segment of freeway in San Bernardino County, carrying some 270,000 vehicles per day.

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