Plan. Build. Move.

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SB Express Lanes

Phase 1 of I-10 Express Lanes will widen the existing I-10 freeway between the Los Angeles/San Bernardino County line and I-15, a distance of approximately 10 miles. The project includes two tolled express lanes in each direction.

SR 210 Lane Addition/Base Line Interchange

The SR 210 Lane Addition and Base Line Interchange projects are designed to provide improved traffic flow, eliminate existing bottleneck, provide lane continuity, and smooth road surface throughout this corridor.

SR 60 Archibald Ave

The SR 60 Archibald Avenue Improvement Project will reconfigure the ramps on SR 60 at Archibald Avenue in the City of Ontario by adding new right-turn pockets onto ramps, additional left-turn pockets onto ramps, widen the ramps to accommodate additional lanes, and provide sidewalk, crosswalk, and curb ramp enhancements.

Redlands Passenger Rail Project (Arrow)

The Redlands Passenger Rail Project is an innovative nine-mile regional rail project that will provide additional transportation choices through the introduction of a new rail service, known as the Arrow, which integrates conveniently with other modes of transportation such as auto, bus and bicycle.

Mt. Vernon Viaduct

Mount Vernon Avenue Bridge

The Mount Vernon Avenue Bridge over the BNSF Intermodal Railway Yard in the City of San Bernardino is showing its age and is in need of improvement. Beginning in December 2020 the bridge will be disassembled and rebuilt to meet the latest design standards — a process that will span approximately three years. Once complete, the new bridge will provide a reliable connection for westside San Bernardino communities. It will include design features to capture the bridge’s rich history and will include current roadbed design standards such as widened travel lanes, a center median, sidewalks, and new bike lanes. The new bridge will be open to everyone for travel, including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and commercial vehicles.

I-215 Barton Road

The Interstate 215 (I-215) Barton Road Interchange project will improve traffic congestion and lengthen the existing bridge to enhance local circulation and access to and from I-215.

Plan. Build. Move.

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