Long Range Multimodal Transportation Plan

Long Range Multimodal Transportation Plan

The Long Range Multimodal Transportation Plan (LRMTP) will work with stakeholders at all levels to develop a comprehensive, multimodal transportation vision for San Bernardino County through 2045/2050. The plan will incorporate strategies for improving access, safety, connectivity, and sustainability for bus and rail riders, auto and truck drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians. The overall objective of the LRMTP is to ensure the safe and efficient management, operation, and development of a regional multimodal transportation system that, when linked with appropriate land use planning, will efficiently serve the mobility needs of San Bernardino County residents, businesses, and visitors, with robust connectivity to the regional system. The LRMTP will be integrated with local land use planning to address community and regional goals as well as state and federal goals. In addition, the LRMTP will assist local and regional agencies in developing and implementing multimodal transportation policies, programs, and projects.

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